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I'm a freelance Web Designer & Front-end Developer… Okay, mostly a Front-end Dev. I live in Portland, Oregon (the weird city). I design & code websites because it's my obsession.
Jordan Austin (me)
jordan austin

i'm a responsive site, resize me!


Group Mojo

content strategy & video production company
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Paul Matthaeus

consultant & founder of Digital Kitchen
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True Stories

micro-site about Evinrude outboards
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Web Design & Developtment

I hand code primarily in these nifty acronyms:

  • HTML (yep, semantic HTML5)
  • CSS (oh yeah, you know it, CSS3)

I know a thing or two about these:

  • Javascript
    • jQuery

Tools I love

I really can't live without these:

  • Komodo Edit
  • Photoshop CS5
  • WordPress

Jordan Austin┐ [i like this character ♣]

I'm obsessed with design & code. I've been working with HTML & CSS for over 5 years now. I really love to design in the browser. There's something about taking a Photoshop mockup and making it work in all those crazy browsers - yeah I hate messing around with old IE just as much as the next guy, but the new browsers make your life worth it.

self assesed skill level*

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

*deemed reliable, but who knows :)

skill chart